Being conscious of our impact starts at day 1

Materials / Transparency

We start our process by consciously selecting socially, recycled and environmentally friendly fibers that are traceable, have low impacts on our planet.

Foam, and trucker mesh are rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate).

All cotton is certified BCI cotton.

Build communities of kindness and appreciation

Production & Manufacturing

It takes 26 people to manufacture a custom hat. From label creation, crown stitching, mold development and much more. Every step is meticulously detailed and critical in the creation of a quality end product. We put social and labor justice at the forefront of the products that we create.

Conscious Commerce

Distribution & Packaging

We strive to establish the most transparent supply chain and
eco-concinous packaging while utilizing the most efficient transportation

All packaging is made using recycled materials.

Look Good, Do Good

Designed to weathered and handed down.

Our products are designed to be worn out before they are thrown out. We take pride in our craftsmanship and seek to produce quality products that will put smiles on faces.

Better Future For all

Be Kind & Give Back

For every two products we sell we donate one to a children hospital

Buy a hat and spread some kindness!

Material Overview:


All trucker mesh and foam is made using  rPET. rPET stand for recycled polyethylene terephthalate. Although reducing the amount of plastic we as a society use has significant benefits, keeping plastic already produced in circulation is also extremely important. Recycling PET may not solve all our problems, but there are many good reasons to choose recycled PET over virgin PET.

- By choosing to buy recycled PET, you support the recycling industry and helping to create a market for recycled plastics.

- Buying products from companies that use rPET is like using your power for good. By doing so, you are voting with your dollars and supporting businesses that embrace sustainable practices and drive innovation.

- Using rPET removes the requirement for extracting virgin materials, thus reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint.

- rPET uses plastic waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill or, worse, polluting the environment. When left in landfills, plastics can take thousands of years to break down. When they do break down, they will tend to break into smaller pieces that can do even more harm if released into the environment.

Material Overview


All cotton materials are using BCI certified cotton (The Better Cotton Initiative). Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), a global not-for-profit, is the world's largest cotton sustainability programme. BCI aims to transform cotton production worldwide, by addressing the negative impacts of cotton growing and processing. BCI promotes continuous improvements that are measurable for the environment, farming communities and the economies of cotton-producing areas. Under the
following four aims, BCI is working towards making ‘Better Cotton’ a sustainable mainstream commodity:

(insert info from Global Recycled Standard)